Get Recommendations from Top YouTube product Reviewers, Analyzed by AI!

Top Pick AI

Fast AI analyses

With seamless integration, users can quickly obtain product insights without leaving the conversation, saving time and effort.

Free Usage

Access all these benefits for free! Your ultimate shopping companion, eliminating the need for separate platforms or subscriptions.

Relevant Data

Top Pick AI analyzes reviews from trusted sources, ensuring users receive reliable and relevant information about products.

Seamless Shopping

Top Pick AI users can effortlessly generate shopping lists and find top products per category, streamlining the shopping process.

Ad-Free Searching

Integration with Top Pick AI ensures an ad-free product search, reducing distractions and enhancing user experience.

Top Products by Category

Find carefully selected lists with the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Seamless integration with ChatGPT

ChatGPT Plus users can access Top Pick AI's product recommendations by enabling it from the Plugin store.

Frequently ask questions


How to use Top Pick AI?

Just simply ask "what is the best Tvs based on reviews".


I don't see all product links?

Links are usually integrated in product name, so just simply click on it to be redirect to store.


Where does Top Pick AI takes date from?

Top Pick AI takes data from YouTube video reviews that have best like to views ratio and have good description of product reviewed in it.


Why It redirecting me to Google Authorisations when I click on the Top Pick AI?

To be able to use Top Pick AI you need to be authorized with your Google Account.

Top Pick AI Chatbot